Kettlebell exercises: get a whole-body workout with the best kettlebell exercises for abs, legs, glutes and arms

The best kettlebells are highly nifty, slightly caveman (caveperson, sorry) weights designed to not only build strength through anaerobic activity, but also increase the user’s aerobic activity and therefore cardiovascular fitness.

Some people are put off by the kettlebell’s unusual shape and prefer to stick to the humble dumbbell – and it’s true the two weights can be used interchangeably for many exercises – however, the kettlebell can add more than just weight to your workout.

The kettlebell weight is made up of two parts: the ball and the handle (or horns).

What makes the kettlebell different from the dumbbell is the motion you can get with it. The handles enable you to swing the ball in front of you, to the side of you, or all around you. In particular, kettlebells are recommended for movements that involve some kind of explosion of power when you want to combine strength training and intense cardio.

Kettlebells are incredibly versatile weights, and can be used to add resistance to exercises for pretty much any part of your body. This workout is designed to work your whole body, but if you’re looking for a good kettlebell ab routine or a kettlebell arm routine, we’ve got those covered too.

This depends on two things: your existing strength level, and the kettlebell exercise you’ll be doing.

If you’ve exercised with kettlebells before you’ll know how much you can lift, but if you haven’t then our advice is to start light: around 4 – 6 KG.

The key is to remember that you’re not just lifting; you need to be able to lift and swing the weight around as part of an exercise.

A guide for the kettlebell exercises featured in this workout it to use between 8KG and 14KG for leg work and between 4KG and 10KG for upper body and core. Where you fall within those windows will depend on your strength.

If you’re working out at the gym you should have access to a complete range of weights, and you should take advantage of that. Make the most of this workout by tailoring the weight to each exercise if you can, so that you’re always able to do the kettlebell exercise, but you’re always pushing your limits too.

If you’re working out at home and thinking about buying the best kettlebell for you, then we recommend trying these exercises with a few household objects first to get a sense of how heavy you want to go. If you are buying, buy at the heavier end of what you can handle, because the idea is you’ll get stronger, as well as more toned, as you do these exercises over time.